Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Seconds, Brackets, Shopping

Does anybody here use Second Life? I downloaded it last night and haven't had time to look into it very well yet but I can see how it can draw you in-- in a good way.

Gotta get my brackets together and meet up with Shirl on Yahoo. Anyone else out there wanna play along on the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament?

I always thought the phrase "retail therapy" sounded a little corny until I was honestly sick and a purchase helped me feel a little better. That seems almost sinful to get joy from spending money. What the hell-- call me a sinner because I just bought the most beautiful handbag at sale price and I'm feeling mighty fine.


Anathea said...

Retail therapy can be good. It's always best at the second hand shop in my experience. (Where often, it IS corny!)

Hope you're feeling better. I've been thinking of your Skye being pregnant and just been all a'flushed with the memories of new pregnancy. Congrats on escalating to granny status! :)

Susan said...

Thank you, Anathea. I really enjoy sharing this milestone with my friends online. I love how we've all seen each other through so many life changes.

Yesterday I got even more enjoyment when I gave away some gently used clothes to someone who could really use them.

Karen said...

Aha! Gotta love bargains and spoiling yourself a bit :-) It's funny, if I find something fun at the Dollar Tree, I'm a happy girl LOL

Love & hugs!