Thursday, March 15, 2007

NCAA Tournament

Get On Your Dancing Shoes!

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is now underway. I filled out brackets at AOL, Yahoo, Sportsline, and New York Times. More chances to win, right?

I already blew it at Yahoo! I was making changes right up to the last minute and didn't list one of the winners in the Final Four so it says it's incomplete, but it does list all my teams, so we'll see.

I had been playing it pretty safe and decided I'd mix it up some more and put in more wild card teams instead of the usual best teams. Because March Madness IS about the little teams advancing and the good teams unpredictably losing. It's fun to play along and fun to watch the games even if you're not a basketball fan.

I'm following Duke and the University of Tennessee foremost.


Shirl said...

oh man! That's a pain if Yahoo doesn't read one of your last choices. We'll hope it does.

So sorry about Duke! That was NOT expected!

Happy Friday, Grandma!

Susan said...

I know. And didn't we use to have a good week or two to get our brackets together instead of just a few days? I'm sure we did, or has it always been like this. Selection Sunday and games started Thursday at noonish. I'm trying to research it on my blog here but Blogger won't let me search my posts at the moment; contrary as it is!

A Happy Friday to you, too!

Grandma, Granny, Grandmother-- what'll I be?!

Julie said...

My grandmother was Nanna, and now my mum is Nanna to the next generation.

Marie said...

I love you even if you put Duke on your bracket ;-)
Actually, I don't care a whole lot about basketball, not at least as compared to the rest of my North Carolina brethren who miss work/take sick days to watch ACC tournament, etc...

Susan said...

Julie: My Mother is Nana to both my kids.

Marie: lol -- I'm used to being "hated" as a Duke fan. It's part of the charm! When I moved to NC, EVERYONE was (and still is) for NC (Tarheels) and hating on Duke. So I had to be different and I felt sorry for Duke and began rooting for them.