Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well, my Skyler is back home which is great news! She's not sure what her next move will be, but at least she's not going to move to St Louis, MO. She had an excellent job offer while she was gone.

Do you have a favorite morning drive radio program you listen to on the way to work? I listen to Bob & Sheri which is also in a lot of cities now around the country. They're a fun couple and they became part of my routine years ago. She's written a few books which are pretty funny.

I digress. I just drove over the mountain from NC to TN on the edge of a major snow storm. When I say "mountain", I'm talking about the mountain that's part of the range that has the highest peak this side of the Mississippi River. I travel back and forth from NC to TN a LOT. Asheville is called the Land Of The Sky because of it being a mile high or so. Mother is about 30 miles from the state line in Tennessee and my house with Skyler and hubby is about 30 miles from the state line in NC. The state line is a mountain range that finally has an interstate straight through it now after 30 years of building and blasting through the mountains. With lots of time in court about the deets.

Wow, I sure can ramble, can't I? Well, I decided to make this Susan*Jayne website totally LIVE and off the cuff. No rough drafts, just wild keystrokes slapping out something tedious and tantalizing.

I'm off to check my email, news, and of course, visit with YOU!

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Shirl said...

i like this style, Susan! ('course, i like ALL your styles.) You've given us a good idea of your commute here. Wow! You are awesome brave. I'll quit fussing about driving the straights in a little snow.