Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Have any of you ever been to the website? I first signed up on it probably 10 years ago when it was not very active, but I updated my profile there a couple of weeks ago and I've been hearing from people I've not talked to in almost 40 years!

One girl emailed me that I grew up with, went to school with her, spent the night with her, was in scouts and cheerleading with her. Do you know the one? She was the captain cheerleader, the best in sports, made the best grades, teacher's pet, president of the class, homecoming queen... whew! Everybody looked up to her.

I felt like a complete slacker around her when I was about 12 but because of her I was so motivated to try harder at everything I did. Especially with my studies. I began buckling down and studying very hard to get all A's like her, but I never quite made it to the Superior Honor Roll. I had a few B's that never turned into A's and occasionally a stray C. I finally got my all A's much later when I got to College. I made the Dean's List each semester.

Did you ever make the Honor Roll? Dean's List?

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