Friday, March 24, 2006

Another Time, Another Place

I had Sesame Chicken last night and began thinking about the first time I ate sesame seeds on something. I was in Asheville, NC, with the infamous Frank Brown and we were riding around in his ancient Volvo. With a fair amount of munchies we stopped at Moritz Bakery on Merrimon Avenue and got some freshly baked Sesame Cookies. They were the best things I'd ever put into my mouth.

They were paper thin, crisp and buttery and we bought a whole bag of them. I don't know if it was the atmosphere or the herb (safe bet), but those were absolutely the best cookies I'd ever tasted.

Funny how that is. Or maybe you go see a movie and are so enthralled with it and years later you have the opportunity to view it again and discover it's not so good afterall.

Anyway I've had Sesame Cookies since then and they're not nearly as good as the ones Frank and I had in another time, another place.


3rd daughter said...

hi Susan, i'm glad the postcard got there. i had forgotten about it! it was a nice surprise to read your comment :)

Karen said...

It's funny how another time can't compare to an experience like that.

Shirl said...

the first time is the best time???

That is so cool on the hummingbird map. Yay for you and Robin!