Saturday, January 28, 2006

Now for the tedious or regular stuff. My neighbors and friends, new and old, will recognize some of the local info I'll spout forth.

Just back from stopping at White's Grocery and florist, Felty-Rowland. We bought a nice Peace Lily plant for our next door neighbor who passed away yesterday morning. He was only diagnosed with cancer 4-6 weeks ago. He had a lump on his neck and was feeling weak so he went to see about it. So sad. He was probably mid to late sixties. About two weeks ago I saw him riding his golf cart (which is a popular way to get around our neighborhood as we're beside the golf course). He drove to the 15th tee, directly behind his house. There was a foursome getting ready to tee off and he was talking and laughing with them. It was the first time I'd seen him since I've been back in Tennessee, my childhood home since 1959. He threw his hand up so high, shaking his whole arm, and grinning said, "Hi, Susan!" He radiated such joy that day. I later told Mother that it may be the last image I'll have of him. Turns out it is.

Came back and fed the sweet doggies, Sugar and Buddy. Does anyone ever call their pets by their given name? I call Sugar, Sug Avery, from the movie, The Color Purple. And I call Buddy, Bubba or Bubbie. My husband calls Buddy, Mr Cook and Mother calls him Mister. Do you do that? Or am I just weirder than I thought I was? Ha!


Shirl said...

what a wonderful "last" memory of your neighbor, Susan. You're doing a great thing in your old stomping grounds!

Karen said...

I'm sorry about your old neighbor, how sad that he didn't live long after diagnosis. :-(

I usually call my cat Ashley: Asher, Ash, Baby, Pookabear, Cooterpie, or Monkey Butt.