Monday, November 7, 2005

Just wanted to blindly type out something now and see if the Inspiration Goddess would come forth and spew out an intelligent and witty post.

......yawn....still waiting.......

Sure glad I don't have any deadlines due. Well, actually, I wish I did. That would actually indicate that someone is paying me for my drivel. I've been in such a stupor of late. People I know who're sick call it brain fog. Robin calls is Foghat. She's a rock music lover from WAY back.

Ok, outta here, Foghat, and let me do my thing. I wish my husband would keep an online journal/blog. He's SO smart and funny and has had so many adventures. Everyone says he should write. Something. He just went to the grocery store. He's hardly able to work at all anymore, so he's the main grocery shopper now. But I still keep the list organized and posted on the frig. Strange how he interprets it sometimes. You can ask for Milk and he may bring back a fricking cow.

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Anonymous said...

Much love and many blessings to you and your Sister!
Love Jeanne ^j^