Monday, November 28, 2005

Just a bit about Robin today. Did I mention that she went into the hospital Nov 13th? I wasn't alarmed. She went into the hospital a few times each year these past 3 or 4 years. After the official diagnosis and treatment plan discussion on Oct 7, I left thinking she had "6 months, maybe". I had to pull it out of the physician and after 3 queries, that's what she said. So going by that and the way she appeared and seemed to feel, I thought we had until the first of the year, anyway. I was going to come spend a week in December with her and put up her tree, celebrate her birthday, Dec 13th, etc. Gawd, how she loves to put up her Christmas tree, and has the most ornate selection of ornaments you ever saw. Every item that goes onto the tree is a collectible. Barbie, Mickie Mouse, Coca-Cola, etc. Anyway, after she was in the hospital this time for 3 days, Mother called me and I came the next day. One week later she was gone.

Thankfully, many loved ones did get to see her and speak to her. #1 cousin Ray, in Atlanta, and #1 Aunt BonBon came and they were the last people she spoke to. A day and a half later she left us.

Mother walked into my room on Thanksgiving morning and woke me early about 6:30am and simply said, "She's gone". The hospital had called. We numbly dressed and drove down to the hospital to sign some papers. Then we came back home and the phone calls began.

So, here I sit in Robin's room on Robin's computer. My 83 year old Mother is doing alright, but she's never been alone and I'm not going to leave her alone. It's part her, and it's part me. But, there's also my husband and daughter 80 miles away. Sigh...

Husband met me halfway this morning to bring me my dog, Buddy. He said that he was afraid that Buddy was going to die of a broken heart if he didn't see me soon. He hadn't been eating. He doesn't do well when I'm not around. I've been wanting to see him, too. I remember as a kid and I'd be crying about something and all I wanted to do was hug my dog and let the tears run down his fur. It's no different when you're grown up. I wanted Buddy when I was hurting about Robin. So he's under my feet. His favorite spot to be. And things are as well as can be expected. I'm still finding things to be grateful for.


funkyjunkie said...

i'm so sorry ... sending you hugs.

Jeanne said...

Big hugs many prayers and a thousand blessings sent your way!
Embrace every cherished memory
May it be forever written on your heart!
Love Jeanne

3rd daughter said...

sending love and hugs. so glad you have your buddy with you. dogs are such great companions at times like this.

Shirl said...

Thank you for sharing, Susan. Robin's post of November 2 sure sounded like Robin . . . spunky and scrappy and looking toward the future. *sigh* Much love and hugs as you go through this grieving time.

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing the story. I'm sure you will do something to honor Robin on her birthday (which she shares with my late grandmother) with a Christmas tree. Cherish the memories and I hope they help you heal.

Love & hugs!