Sunday, October 2, 2005

October is cool. I like the way she looks. With her big fat O in the beginning and the right amount of letters tagging along behind. Like mother O and her babies c,t,o,b,e,r.

October is the best month of all. My Mother and Father and I are all born in October and that alone was cause for the whole month to be celebratory.

October is cramming more outdoor activities into your days and nights before the frost sets in. Football games, hiking, outdoor concerts and cafes and anything else that good friends and a beverage of your choice would compliment nicely. Time to unpack your comfort clothes. Flannel and corduroy, your quilts and sweaters, your gloves, hats and boots.

It's no longer April. June and July are but a memory and now it's time to honor the October of my life.


Shirl said...

oh Susan! what a great tribute to a great month . . . and two more days!

Anonymous said...

I hope your October is absolutely wonderful! Much love and many blessings to you!
Love Jeanne