Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Return For Deposit

I went to Vest's Greenhouse today to pick up some flowers. Mother and I haven't been there in decades. We got wave petunias, peach impatiens, pansies, and geraniums. I still want a hibiscus or two.

I'm trying to tidy up the landscaping in the front yard. There are two bushes that I have shaved down as much as I can with electric hedge trimmers and they're still too large so it's time for them to get cut waaaaay down by a pro.

These are boxwoods that have been here for 50 years when the house was built in August 1959. The most unruly one got sheared down to a fresh start a few months ago and new leaves are sprouting already.

The guy unearthed a 16 oz Coca-Cola bottle that looks to be at least 30 years old; probably 40. It says "return for deposit" on the bottle and on the bottom it says, MIDDLESBORO. Remember when you paid extra for the bottles and returned them to get your .05 back. Does anyone remember when the deposit on drinks was .02? Nah, me either. =)

The same house I COULD NOT WAIT to leave at age 17 I returned to find much love and comfort in. There's an invisible force that gives me satisfaction. Return for deposit?


Chris said...

That brings back memories of gathering up a bunch of coke bottles at my grandmother's farm house to return to the small country store so we could buy $.02 candies.

Shirl said...

oh i love love love this post! How things do change and . . . stay the same.