Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time For Hummingbirds, ETC

I fixed some sugar water and hung out the first hummingbird feeder of the year a few moments ago. Spring is busting out all over east Tennessee.

The guy finally came and cut the grass today. I have paint bought and waiting on the handy man to apply. His schedule is, shall we say, loose and he said he'd get to it next week which is to say he'll probably begin Wednesday or Thursday and finish up the following week. But he's nice and has been the maintenance man around here for ages so we accommodate his flexible schedule. The house is 80% brick and so there's not that much he has to paint. The gutters and trim work and a little siding on the front. Plus shutters.

During the fresh paint event of next week I'll go order two new entrance doors and two storm doors then stand back and see what else needs sprucing up. I'm thinking some new landscaping but I don't know if I want to put in that kind of expense right now.

There's the big annual yard sale Friday and Saturday, April 3 and 4 in my neighborhood, Golf Course Acres so it always brings good bargains and long lines of traffic. The police came last year to direct it. I've bagged up things to go to the Salvation Army and may just put it out front for free during the event.

That's all I have for now. Love and smoochies to all--

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Chris said...

Ironically, I have paint in my hair as I read this. Spent the day yesterday painting my youngest son's room.

God yes, spring is rocking along here isn't it. Trev and I went for a cross country run and he made me stop to smell a dogwood. Damn, he's a little me.