Sunday, February 1, 2009

We Need Mobile Veterinary Service in East Tennessee

Every year or two I search online to see if anyone in the area has started up a mobile veterinary service but much to my dismay, they haven't.

What a fantastic opportunity for some knowledgeable person to have. I always dread to take my dogs to the groomers. Picking up a large dog that doesn't want to help you put him in the car isn't much fun. And the medium size dog insists on sitting on my lap while driving and tries to put her head out my window. And if I make it to my destination with no doggie accidents I thank the goddess of restraint.

I would groom these furry beasts several times a year instead of once or twice a year. And get their nails trimmed. So it seems like a profitable business for an experienced person.

Out of work vets? Give me a holler and we'll help you get the word out.

UPDATE: Yay! I found some local places in Johnson City (Tennessee) after googling "mobile grooming".
Lady & Apollo Mobile Dog Grooming - (423) 232-2932
Pooch Patrol Mobile Pet Groomer - (423) 767-9911


Chris said...

I don't know about veterinary services on wheels but for just grooming, Knoxville has Loves Touch and there's another one too. They are in our neighborhood a few times a month.

Susan said...

Oh, that's cool, Chris. But Knoxville's a pretty happening place. I think it should be everywhere. My little town has at least 6 different groomers and none of them portable. :(