Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yay! Saturday Basketball!

That's how you play basketball. Duke, 60 - Maryland, 20. And it's not even halftime.

University of Tennessee playing Memphis today at 3:30 PM.


Chris said...

I root for Duke except for 2, maybe 3 times a year, depending if they play the Tarheels in the ACC tourny.


Oak Hill academy came to play my son's former high school yesterday and they were awesome. Brett said Va Tech is getting a kick ass 3pt shooting guard next year from Oak Hill.

Shirl said...

Spartans tend to not like the Duke boys . . . but I do!

Susan said...

Booo, Vols lost a close one, didn't they? Good they have the Oak Hill guy coming in because this is definitely not a good year for us. I'm hopeful for next year.

Duke is on f-i-r-e! Ranked from #2 to #1 after Saturday's blowout. Everybody where I lived in NC hated Duke. I mean despised Duke because I lived in Tarheel (UNCA) country. So I saw them as the underdog and began rooting for the underdog.