Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Should Be Working, but....

...I'm going to visit with friends on the internet today. I've been so busy lately that I keep thinking I should be doing something but no, I don't have anything I just have to do today. Nothing. But I am watching Obama ride on the train from Philadelphia down to DC today and the news programs are covering every moment of it.

So relax, Susan, and go see what the rest of the online gang are doing today.

Anne had me zipping all over the web, as usual. ;) I've favorited 3 websites so far and still clicking!

Julie is smack dab in the midst of summer and knows how to appreciate it. She's off to spend a lovely week at the beach.

Monkey Muck has a nice post on Andrew Wyeth with paintings. Along with the ability to skillfully put paintbrush to canvas, pure genius must also have a much different set of eyes than I'll ever know about.

Was it Mrs Peacock in the Library with the Candlestick? Shirl was moved by an unknown force today in Barnes & Noble.

Karen has recently recovered from a nasty cold. Oh, and did you know that she could take computers apart and fix them?

Brooke continues on her spiritual walk.

Deb's muttering; Mel Tillis is stuttering. And who knew she's sleeping with an IT guy?

Maggie's still in Vancouver, I suppose. She's not updated in a few months now.

Chris was missing in action. Where you be, Chris? I found you. Yum! ;)

Janet has weight loss tips and a strange photo of a found baby and a hat.

Marie continues to document her beautiful countryside which is such a joy.

Kathryn's dear little Claire has been feeling yucky lately and finally had a breakthrough. Thoughts and prayers to them.


Karen said...

I have to admit that I know just enough about computers to be dangerous ;-) I'm SO happy that Mom's computer is finally running fine and I hope it stays that way! LOL!

I hope you get a chance to relax this weekend!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for the link!