Saturday, January 31, 2009

Backyard Course Has It's Privileges

Standing at the cart path beside the men's tee on 15. (Below)

The end of the fairway and the green on 14. The bright green grass in the distance is the green and you can see a small, white flag above the big, fluffy plant. About 30 yards to the right begins my backyard. My dog's head is in the bottom of the shot. (Below)

This course has served many purposes through the neighborhood families throughout the years. It has served as a horse riding trail, a campground, a kite flying field, and we've had lots of sledding and bonfires and oh-- some golfing, too.


Chris said...

Plus, someone else mows it for you:)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I golfed there once.

Susan said...

Chris: Yeah, they mow with a big old tractor thing!

DMVM: That pond is a beeyotch. There's a big net in the bottom of it and they used to retrieve golf balls to use on their driving range.

I used to drive a cart with a trailer thing on the back and pick up range balls. I gassed up carts, washed them. And worked in the grill at the clubhouse as well all when I was a young girl in the summers.