Saturday, November 22, 2008

Planning For Thanksgiving

I'm halfway through with my grocery shopping. I still need to get the broccoli, rolls, and Mr Turkey.

Mr Turkey is already paid for since I always get the free Turkey at my local store, Ingle's and I'll pick it up in the next day or two.

I'm forgoing that decadent Caramel Pie this year. It's just too, too rich and I'm trying to cut back on sweets. Pumpkin Pie and perhaps an Apple Pie will have to do.

I don't have many to cook for but I'll remind those of you who do to be thankful for your large guest list. It's almost a mantra of mine because I always say to be thankful for your big and/or extended families. No matter the mess, the craziness, etc, because your guest list and your dining table may get smaller before you know it.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I sent you an email to your easybakecoven address. Be sure to check it when you get time.

Shirl said...

we're having a smaller group this year . . . we just never know so that is great advice to be thanksful for whatever the size!