Sunday, September 28, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Hearing :: aid
2. Aggression :: bold
3. Charged :: credit card
4. Traveler :: weary
5. Hydrate :: water
6. Detox :: purify
7. Qualify :: trial run
8. Prison :: locked up
9. Frontal :: nudity
10. Pep talk :: encouragement



Shirl said...

wooheee!!! We have FOUR matches!

I WISH I had seen Paul Newman. A friend emailed the story.

So sorry about UT. We are getting a little used to winning in East Lansing. Hope it continues!

Happy Sunday!

Laane said...

Nice mutterings.

You can find my mutterings ::here::.

Have a great week!

Hootin' Anni said...

Great Mutterings! And regarding Wicked in your blog below....I LOVE that book! I'm looking forward to reading his newest in the trilogy that comes out this next month. I've had it 'on order' for about a month now, and can hardly wait.

Hootin' Anni said...
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Wystful1 said...

Hello...I would love to add you to the Bloggers Over 50 Blog Roll. And I will, with delight, as soon as you add either the blog roll itself on your sidebar or a text link/or graphic link from the blogroll home page.

You see, I had a lot of disgruntled members who perused the blogroll and some of the members didn't have the link, so they could use it to return to the list or use the blogroll from the site they were continue their visiting with other members.

So, I must ask you to add the link/blogroll [either one, or both, that's up to you] before I can add your blog/link!

Thanks...let me know when you have that done, and I'll be more than happy to have you as our newest member!

Monique said...

We match on 5 and I like your 7, had not gone there in my thoughts at all.

Susan said...

Hello, wystful1. I just added the blogroll. It looks nice.

Wystful1 said...

You've been added!!
Thanks for adding the blogroll and understanding the reason I ask for it.

Have a super Monday.

[ may have to refresh your blog page to see your name/link on the list]