Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Dreaded Chore - Paying Bills

Since taking over my Mother's "estate" (a term used quite loosely since it consists of one home and a small parcel of land, a couple of stock shares) I've been paying her bills each month. She normally wrote up and mailed everything on the first of each month. Always. That's one thing I rebelled about. She had all these schedules and rules. On Fridays you cook fish, on Wednesday, you had hamburgers and so on. She feeds her dog at 2:00 pm SHARP. On Mondays she dusts. Some might call it discipline but a teenage daughter called it weird. And everything still has to match. Toss together brown with black and she gets bent. And "you seriously aren't going to wear those white shoes after Labor Day, are you?" always made me smile. I still smile at the memories.

Back to paying bills. Do you think I have them ready to mail out on the first of each month like she wants me to? (A big kiss to anyone who guesses correctly.) I'm way past my teenage rebellion years so why do I not have them ready to pay on the first? It would probably make her happy if I followed her lead even in this one very small way.

--Oh, no. I just had one of those freaking a-ha moments that Oprah talks about. That's why it's sometimes good to just randomly slap the keys and see what happens. I just realized that I revert back to my childhood in an attempt to revisit that innocent time in my life. When my sister, Robin, and Daddy were still alive and we were the perfect little nuclear family in a perfect little home with perfect lives. You had to get up to change the channel on the tv, we put men on the moon, your refrigerator was a Harvest Gold. Ring a bell to anyone? Mother had bridge parties, Daddy played golf. Robin and I took dance class and went to girl scouts.

But back to the subject of negligent bill paying. I just finished writing them all up and they're ready to mail and it's the 12th of the month. This is how big girls with memories of a young girl rebel.

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