Thursday, March 20, 2008

Georgia is seeded #14 and they're playing #3 Xavier right now. I'm pulling for Georgia and have them wining this game and the next one on my bracket.

Crazy to bet on a 14 seed? Perhaps. But they have such a momentum going lately and that's what wins in the NCAA tourney.

35-26 at the half. Looking good! I see MSU is also leading. *No bracket busters today.

* wishful thinking. My bracket is a mess.


Shirl said...

oh my oh my! Wouldn't that have been great if they had done it! That's what dreams are made of.

Whew. Wonder how today will go? I have Tennessee going all the way. I'm hoping!

Sujaco said...

I really thought Georgia was on a big enough roll to make it. Bracket Buster Queen here. Now Tennessee better play well today. And don't get me started on Duke's close call. Grrrr

Shirl said...

I played it safe this time, so brackets are still intact, sort of, for now. But Tennessee MUST do well, and Duke better get their act together. Yikes!