Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Cost of Parking

It's a big weekend in East Tennessee. If you are a NASCAR fan you know that the Bristol Motor Speedway is having a big race this Sunday. People from all over the world come and camp out in RV's, stay in hotels, etc, and enjoy tail-gaiting and watching the various races, culminating in the big one on Sunday. But there's been lots of storms in the area and I'm not sure it will affect the racing or not.

I have to say that I am not a race fan, but I do admire the passion the fans have for their sport. That I can relate to. Our house is probably 20 miles from the speedway and we feel the traffic crunch of the visiting fans, but it's good for business.

I only went to one race in my whole life. Since you are my special friends, I'll let you in on an enterprising, but embarrassing, little story.

Myself and two other friends wanted to go to the race to see what it was all about. (This was back in the days that I was drinking). We didn't have enough money to attend the event so we all stood beside the racetrack in a large field with made up a sign that read
"Parking $1.00"
We had probably 30 cars in 30 minutes time. After they paid a dollar each to park, we were able to buy a ticket and watch the race.

It really started out as a joke but the cars kept whipping into the field, so we figured it was our little gift from the karmic gods or whatever we told ourselves.

Bristol Motor Speedway Race Cam

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