Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

New York Giants playing the New England Patriots at 6:00-ish. Did you know that more people are struck by lightning than play in the Super Bowl?

Do you have a favorite? I'd like to see the Giants win since they're a huge underdog and it would be a big upset if they did beat the unbeaten Patriots. And because Eli Manning's the quarterback. Tennessee loves the Mannings. If you're a betting person, the official bet is to take the Patriots winning by 13 or more.


Shirl said...

so slow getting around these days. Argh!

I wanted the Giants. Plaxico Burress, who made the last TD catch, (though he didn't do much the rest of the game), went to MSU. Pats Quarterback went to . . . U of M.

Sujaco said...

Oh, wow! I didn't know that. I bet all MSU was excited. That match up made for an extra special game for you.

Shirl said...

It shirley did!!!

I tried to do SMM on Saturday, but my connection kept bombing. I had just been out building me a a man in my backyard.

Happy Monday!

Sujaco said...

Shirl: I'm afraid to have to tell you this but instead of building yourself a nice tall, dark, and handsome man, he sorta came out short, pale, and dumpy! heh heh