Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Word of Advice

My facilitator at work emailed me something about a survey she had sent to me last week.

The email was a survey that said we could do it or not do it. It didn't matter. So I deleted it and went on clearing out my work email.

Anyway, I told her I didn't have it to which she responded---Yes, you do... it's in your Trash folder!!!


LOL its in your trash folder - but you can still do it

go to your trash folder and its message 1210881 from XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX <####> Your Opinion Matters dated 2008-01-03 17:25


Work emails I know are monitored, but I didn't know they were monitored this closely. So beware my friends.

And once when I began a job, they could not WAIT to set up my email account (OE). This was the first time I learned that your job email was being monitored.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Don't tell them you have a blog or they will want to monitor it as well.

Julie said...

It was like that when I worked in the Education Department.
But now, the only one who knows what gets trashed is me. :)

Shirl said...

That is SCARY!!! Yikes!

Jane said...

Yes I knew that Susan. People up here have lost their jobs due to time spent on the internet as opposed to working. Employers here, know when employees are online.