Saturday, December 8, 2007

Who Wants Eggnog?

When I was a child, I thought that eggnog was the most foul tasting drink around. But I got a little older. And I learned that it wasn't so much the eggnog as it was what you added TO the eggnog.

I picked some up the other day for holiday cheer but what tastes best in the eggnog? Or is it better just like it is?

Eggnog is one thing I never did serve as a bartender, but I believe it goes best with Bourbon in it. But some people I know like to put in Rum. {{{shudder}}}

Ah, "Alcohol and Christmas trees." I could mention that to Robin and she would rattle off a litany of tales involving the both of us and then we'd laugh for hours about it. When Daddy was still living, the Christmas tree always had dozens of gift bottles around it from their friends and fellow workers. There was other gifts, too, they weren't lushes or anything! We though that they wouldn't miss a couple of bottles from all the others, would they? And still later, if we'd snag even more bottles from under the tree before Christmas, we'd refill the bottles of the white liquors back with water. The Rum, Gin, and Vodka.

Of course they found out. That was so long ago and it seems like it's almost another lifetime. From where I was at one point in my live to now being almost a tee-totaler? A little worse for wear, I still thank my lucky stars I survived it all.
Now, who wants eggnog?

**UPDATE** (Dec 12) found some good recipes on


Shirl said...

oh you and Robin must have had such good times. I miss her. {{{hugs}}}

Jane said...

I for one, think you should fire some Bourbon in the eggnog and enjoy for Robin. I bet she'd get a kick out of that.