Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Light Up This Saturday

Do you have a neighborhood in your area that does the lighting of the luminaries? You know, the votive candles set in sand inside a white bag that line the streets?

Our neighborhood (in Elizabethton, TN) does that every year. Someone collects the money for the candles and bags and delivers them to your door and you put them out on a certain date. You pick up enough sand to use that's in a central neighborhood location. (gotta go do that today!)

This Saturday at 5P, December 15, 2007, until 11P is the day to 'light up'. Cars come from all over the place and drive with their parking lights on only. It's bumper to bumper and the cops come out to direct the traffic. It's really quite a sight. They usually get an aerial photo which is astounding so I hope to find one to post.

With all the Christmas vs Holiday controversy, and with people of all faiths that also live here in our 'hood, I'm a little surprised they named the event "Lights For Jesus" but no one's said anything about it.


Julie said...

Never heard of this. Sounds like it might be spectacular.
I've seen lots of the usual houses decorated with lights and stuff. I keep thinking "global warming" "conserve energy". Very un-Christmassy of me.

Shirl said...

I've always wanted to do the luminarias, but never have. Take pictures???