Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Blogging

Jane and I were talking about being without our families on Christmas this year and I thought we could all try to meet up online on Christmas day sometime.

Her kids are way over on the west coast of Canada and she's in the east of Canada, hoping to move out west in the Spring. My daughter is working on Christmas Day, like she did last year. So we decided that if we were home, we'd say hello (comment) to one another.

So if you are around a computer on Christmas Day let's share a beverage of our choice and honor the friendship of our blog friends with comments and shared links.

See you tomorrow. Cheers!


Jane said...

I'm in Susan! Merry Christmas Eve!!!

brooke said...

hi susan -
i'm not with family on x-mas this year (like most years since i moved out west), but i'm not alone either. heading to the oregon cascades for a bit of x-country skiing. anyhow, i thought i'd drop in and say a quick hi in case i don't get to drop in tomorrow.

brooke, from rivervision

Sujaco said...

Great! Merry Christmas Eve to you, Jane! See ya tomorrow!

And Brooke, I'm so glad to hear from you. The skiing trip sounds marvelous. Stop by anytime you can.

Shirl said...

I missed. Thought of you and Robin several times through Christmas, Susan. Love you.