Saturday, November 3, 2007

Working in my PJs

I've had SADU (sad a** dial-up) internet service for ages now and I am finally making the leap to High Speed service, or Broadband. Go, me! I think I'm the last person to do so. No more 12 hour downloads that will now be done in 10 minutes time or less. And the music possibilities.

I recently found that if I have high speed internet I can do my work at home. =) How quickly do you think it took me to call and get that bad boy set up? They're coming to install it Tuesday.


Julie said...

I know at least one other still on dial-up. Lives on a farm, wears an orange hat.

You won't know yourself!!

Shirl said...

hahahahaha! That would be me! Rumor has it that Millenium Cable is in the area, so I'll see what I can do!!!!