Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sore Tongue

I spoke to my darling daughter last night and she informed me that my grandson Phoenix was teething. "At 6 weeks?" I wanted to ask, but in my trying-to-bite-my-tongue Grandmother attitude I said something like, "Oh, really? Tell me more about it".

I'm thinking it's more like 6 months, but after just now looking it up it IS possible to begin at 2 months but typically it's between 5 - 7 months.

She goes for a serious doctor visit Monday to have a colposcopy and we are all holding our breath. They found suspicious cells during a pap smear while she was pregnant but they couldn't do this colposcopy exam until after the baby and then she had to heal for 6 weeks. They have to do a biopsy-- take out some tissue and examine it.

She has been petrified that this might prevent her from having more children. If ever anyone was cut out to be a loving, nurturing Mother it is her. Bless her loving heart. She's such a good girl and she's trying so hard to be a super mom and super girlfriend right now. And she is so much in love.

Love? I remember young love. It's so good to see your daughter in a loving healthy relationship. Love really is the answer, you know. That's one of my mantras but that's a blog post for another time.

(UT won and the Red Sox are ahead by 4 in the 8th)


Shirl said...

sending good thoughts and prayers for skyler

Julie said...

me too