Monday, October 22, 2007

Our October Leaves

or I could call this photo "Outside My Window" because it's outside my bedroom window, although I was outdoors when I took it. In Australia, it's Spring so obviously their outdoor photos won't have leaves changing colors like the US does now.

I know what you're thinking-- another cellphone masterpiece from Susan. heh heh [/sarcasm]

What does FALL look like at your house? Will you email me a picture to susanATeasybakecovenDOTnet or post it in the comments? I'll post it here with this one.

* * * * *

Here's what Fall looks like at Shirl's. How cool that she caught those falling leaves! Wow!


Shirl said...

i LOVE that picture, Susan! it is light and lovely. Should we email you our fall pic, or put it here in comments?

SUJACO said...

Thanks, Shirl! You can email me a fall pic and I'll post it. Yay!

Shirl said...

oh cool! it made it!

3rd daughter said...

'tis spring here. do you want to see my spring or an old autumn photo? :)

Sujaco said...

Susan, a current picture will be just fine. I had in mind to see what it looks like outdoors where we live.