Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Birthday, So Long Dear Ones

My sweet daughter and grandson moved away today 220 miles to where her boyfriend's job takes him for now. Sigh... I kept hoping they would be able to stay around here or in Asheville (58 miles away), but it's not to be. For now. And I hope they are able to move back here before long.

She's pretty excited about a new chapter in her life and is looking on it as an adventure and making new friends; eventually finding work again and fixing up her nice apartment. Sometimes people do things the unconventional way. At least they sometimes do in my family. Have a baby first, set up housekeeping, and then get married. And who's to say what's right and what will last. We all seem to follow our hearts and I always say that when you do something based in love, it's really hard to find fault with it. That is my universal truth. Or one of many I've spoken about with my children.

So today Skyler stepped out in faith. (Another one of my simple truths.) She and her fiancé have some challenges ahead but they're optimistic and hard working and are good people.

As I wander through my modest, cozy home tonight I recall how when my life wasn't always stationary I knew that I had a home to return to with family who loved me. It warms my heart to know she always has a place to come home to as well.

I love you baby.


Cara said...

I dropped by from Karen's, I hope you had a very special day as this was your special day---your birthday. I know it was a bittersweet day as your daughter and grandson moved away.

sujaco said...

Thanks for the kind words. And it was truly bittersweet. That's very sweet of you to take the time, Cara.

Shirl said...

ohhhh. you raised her to be vibrant and adventurous and she is. and she knows she can come home. All will be well.