Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How about a quiz?

Okay... place these names in order of their age-- youngest to oldest, oldest to youngest.


It's pretty much a slam dunk, right? Isn't it funny how names become generational. For instance, you wouldn't see a baby born today named Susan or see an elderly lady named Phoenix, etc.

I'll place the names in their proper order:

Hattie: my grandmother
Jayne: my mother, also my middle name
Susan: moi
Skyler: my daughter
Phoenix: Skyler's son

Does your family tree come out the same way?


Julie said...

I can only go with my siblings on this:
Rose (Nanna)
Muriel (Mum)
Peter, Paula, Clare (sibs)
James, Holly, Georgia, Evan, Taya (the sibs' kids).

Shirl said...

Grandma: Beatrice
Mom: Barbara
Me: Shirley
First Niece: Bryn
First Niece's Son: Caleb

Yep. It works

sujaco said...

Morning, ladies. I would say this theory is solid. We have Rose, Beatrice, Hattie -- all women probably born around 1900. It works all the way up the family tree. =)

Marie said...

I did this by generation, from oldest to youngest. We have some bizarre names on the family tree that seemed to mellow out as we've had children.

1) Maurice,Carol, Betty, Virgil
2) Virgil, Marie, Maurice, Maureen, Bobby Dean
3) Elisabeth, Victoria
4) Jacob, Anna