Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Boat Dreams

Is everyone back in the groove yet from the weekend? I was especially happy to have spent time with my favorite cousins and it just meant the world to me to see the two of them. We reminisced about childhood memories that usually involved tricking our parents somehow. We spoke of those family members that have passed on, the trials of those still with us, and children and grandchildren and pets and laughed mostly.

We grew up together from the time we were born until I was about 10. There were two houses on the same piece of property that both our families lived on. We later moved, and still visited each Christmas and took trips together and we stayed at Boone Lake on our boathouse.

That boathouse sure was some great fun. I recall when that big old monstrosity was built on our property and thinking how tall it looked, not realizing there's a lot of it that goes under water. If I ever get the chance to buy a houseboat I just may do it and live out my days on some beautiful lake. Watauga Lake in East Tennessee is downright magical.

Do you have a dream scenario on how to live out your days? Hubby would like to sail around the world so we both have "boat" dreams.

Separate dreams. Separate lives.

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