Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Touch Base

Just a quick hello and return post. I've had the computer in the shop after lightning struck in our yard last week.

Now I have an evil cold or flu virus and feel yucky. What else... Skyler is still chugging along at 35 weeks. She is so ready for the baby to arrive. Like yesterday. I spoke to her yesterday and she was sitting in the baby's room in her rocking chair. Everything is ready except him! Both great grandmothers are asking, "are you sure you want to call him Phoenix, sweetie?" She does.

Can't wait to blog visit and see what is new with everyone.

Smoochies all around xoxo


Shirl said...

whew!!! so glad you touched base, girl! Sorry about the lightning strike and feeling yucky, though. Hopefully all that will mean when grandson comes things will be smooth!


Julie said...

Wondered where you'd been. That lightning sounds a bit too close for comfort!

Susan said...

Love and hugs!

The lady across the street from us actually saw some lightning hit the ground beside my bedroom.