Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hummers Still Coming

We still have hummingbirds coming to feed. I'm not sure what stage of their migration that they are in. I saw 5 yesterday at early light. The wasps are coming around, too. The hummers won't drink if there is a bee there so they fly off and try again later.

The bee's technique is different from the hummingbirds. They immerse half of their body into the drinking hole and stay in that position and drink what seems like hours. Too much of a good thing can be dangerous for the bees. When I clean the feeders, bee parts will also pour out with the last bit of sugar water. I don't know if they drown or get inebriated.

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Shirl said...

My hummers are still here. They had gone off the feeders for awhile when the trumpet vines came out, but they're back on now. They're also on the cannas and gladioli.

Keep us updated, Susan!