Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hello Saturday!

I do believe I'll live after all but this hellacious cold shook me up pretty good. Being a heavy smoker lets colds and respiratory ailments last much longer. Reason #49863452 to quit smoking, I know.

Does anyone here ever color their hair? You don't know what I'm talking about, right? Ha! I only have about 20% grey hair and if it were 2/3 grey or more, I'd probably just let it be. But it's not; so we dye. I'm a natural mossy brown with red tones (shhhhh!) but I could exaggerate and call it "auburn". I've been blonde for decades and try to go back to reddish-brown every 5 years or so and end up going right back to blonde. So, this week I'm putting on a strawberry blonde and in about 6 weeks, I'll put on a deeper auburn.

Skyler (36 weeks) is still plugging right along. The baby is head downward and kicks her ribs really good. Her belly now looks like an ocean with waves crashing all over. The baby wiggling, twisting and stretching-- checking out his boundaries. Please do what you do best and send good vibes or peace or prayers for an safe and healthy delivery for her and her baby boy.


Julie said...

Nice new look.
I've coloured my hair a couple of times in the past but find it makes my hair too brittle, so it's just natural now. Used to be very blonde as a child, now just mousey with increasing grey.
Ah yes, the ciggies and the colds. Every time I get a cold I think my voice gets a bit deeper. On the phone, strangers think I'm a bloke these days. Reason #87665878698786.
Off to The Cure tonight. So excited I can hardly sit still!

Susan said...

That's right... it's YOUR NIGHT TONIGHT! I'm excited for you, Julie, and you know we will all want to hear about it.

Julie said...

I think you're the only one who reads my blog who knows who the band is. :)

Shirl said...

eek! I haven't wanted to admit it, Julie, but . . . you're right!!!

My hair is brown. A few years ago I went reddish, once by design, once by accident.

If the sun doesn't hit my hair, I still look brunette. Otherwise...

Love and prayers for you, Skyler, and baby! Babies are soooo much fun!!!!

Julie said...

Just letting you know - The Cure were awesome. Brilliant.