Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just For Laughs

Two friends, a blonde and a redhead, are walking down the street and pass a flower shop where the redhead sees her boyfriend buying her flowers.

The Redhead sighs and says: "Oh crap, my boyfriend is buying me flowers again."

The blonde looks quizzically at her and says: "You don't like getting flowers from your boyfriend?"

The redhead replies: "I love getting flowers, but he always has expectations after giving me flowers, and I just don't feel like spending the next three days on my back with my legs in the air."

The blonde says: ......."Don't you have a vase?"


Karen said...

OMG - that is so funny!!! That's definitely one of the better blonde jokes I've seen!

*HUUGS* to you!

Julie said...

Hahaha, good one.

Shirl said...

I peeked at this at work last week . . . helped cheer up a kind of bleak day!!!