Monday, June 4, 2007

I'm Going With Virgin

You've probably heard me rave about Virgin Mobile cellphone company or Virgin anything before. Let me suggest to you that if you are considering switching your cellphone company, consider Virgin Mobile. The best reason? NO CONTRACT! And they donate lots of money to charity. What about those 2 year contracts? And if you want to change your plan-- they'll start that 2 year plan all over again.

I came to Virgin after trying out two previous companies that are all pretty much the same but Virgin is the only one that doesn't have contracts. You just set up a monthly plan or pay by the minute. If you decide another plan is better suited to your needs, that's just fine. Skyler first used them and then I switched over after a contract ran out with Cingular and then yesterday I took the first step in porting Mother's landline over to Virgin Mobile.

To "port" a phone from one company to another takes 30 to 45 days. It's all FCC regulated and has to go through all that, I suppose. Mother wanted to keep the same phone number that she's had all these years and switching over her home line to a cellphone will also save her at least $50 a month. It's not that easy to introduce electronic gizmos to the elderly but I'm hoping she'll soon be comfortable with using her new cellphone.


Julie said...

We have a system here where you can just buy phone credit - $20 upwards. When it runs out you just get some more depending on how much you can afford. All our networks have this. Of course, there are contracts and plans to choose from as well. People usually go with the plan/contract option if they use their phone a lot 'cos it works out a lot cheaper. Friend of mine, for eg, pays $79 a month and gets $200 worth of calls (which he uses up), plus a new phone every two years when the contract's renewed. I go with the credit option 'cos I just don't use it that much. $20 lasts me for about 6 weeks on average.

Susan said...

It's great you all have those options. I don't think most people in the US are aware of any other way than the companies with contracts.

Virgin Mobile is the only major one I know of that doesn't have them but their ad campaign isn't bombarding the airwaves like some of the others so most aren't aware of it.

$20 lasts me about the same time, too. 4-6 weeks. But my daughter... she gets the 1000 texts for $10.00 and uses most of them each month, plus the phone calls. Oh, to be a teen again. It' all about the phone. =)

Julie said...

Some of them are so complicated now - internet access, watch TV, listen to mp3s or radio, take photographs, etc. Impossible just to make a phone call on though.