Monday, April 30, 2007

Go Away!

I know there are much more dire problems in the world and everything, but damnit, this is my blog and I wanna sound off so I don't explode one day.

I am so sick of all the solicitors ringing my doorbell for every single cause, product, service and vote you can imagine. There is hardly a day that goes by that we aren't besieged by some children hoofing it while Mom cruises the block along behind them while they try to collect for every ailment and affliction in Merck's Manual. Or the working guy who wants to get your lawn, paint, roof or gardening business. Or the political shifts that roll in and interrupt you during every single city, county, state, and national election. And let's don't forget the white shirted, skinny tied, bicyclists who want to know if you've been saved or not.

I could handle it fine if it was an occasional visitor. But it's the never-ending parade of them that has my blood boiling.

Nevermind that long ago I posted a sign that says:

Solicitors will be shot
Survivors will be prosecuted

And yes, I ripped it off from the rednecks, but nobody pays any attention to it.

I know better than to sweat the small stuff, but it feels good to sound off once in a while. =)


Julie said...

I have the same complaint, except that the hawking here is now primarily done over the phone (except for the godbotherers) - the new spam! I get 3, 4, sometimes more calls a day here at the bookshop. Pains in the arse!

Shirl said...

when we're being naughty at work, we tell the telemarketers that that's Zeke's department, and he's not in right now. When they call back and ask for Zeke, we tell them we have no Zeke. We're bad.

I don't get door-to-door out here in the country. They probably are afraid that the local citizenry is armed.

Susan said...

Julie: that's very annoying to have them call you at work.

Shirl: Great idea! I may tell Mother to use that one. Myself, I've not had much of a problem being rude to those who come calling unannounced. =) Shock, I know.
But that is part of the problem here where she lives. The houses aren't very far apart from each other and pretty much line up around 3 large blocks, so the solicitors get more bang for their buck. As it were.

Julie said...

Just yesterday I was offered a mobile phone and a holiday in two different calls. Both free (ha!) - if I just sign up to such-and-such a contract. Sure buddy, no problem.
If they call at home they always ask for Laurie as everything's in his name. We always say "sure, I'll just go get him" and walk away, leaving them hanging on for as long as it takes for them to hang up.
The worst ones are the recorded messages 'cos you can't be rude to a recording!