Thursday, March 8, 2007

Just Call Me Grandmother!

Well, I am just back from the doctor's visit with my daughter and all is so well, you just don't know how well! I am on Cloud 9 and can't get this big grin off of my face.

She is positively pregnant. And.... we actually got to see the baby with a sonogram! She only got one baby picture today so I can't show you anything just yet but that baby was so feisty -- moving it's little arms all over the place and we could see the fingers as well. Also the little bitty heart was beating and flickering about. Such a magical moment that I will cherish forever.

We won't get a due date until 2 weeks when she gets another sonogram from a much better machine with better pictures, too. Today's sonogram was mostly to determine how far along she is and they decided that she was 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

In that next sonogram she will learn the sex of the baby! Wow! I am so over the moon you cannot believe how over it I am.

Love to all... xoxo


Shirl said...

Hi Grandma!!!! Doing a little happy dance here for you!!!!

Susan said...

Yeah! Thank you, Shirl! You've pretty much been "with me" through it all, you know? I knew you would understand what adding new life to my family would mean to me.

Happy Dance, Happy Grins, and the Happy "Cheeks Are Sore From Smiling So Much' Jive!

Jeanne said...

May everyone be truly blessed.
Babies are bits of stardust so fresh from Heaven!
Love Jeanne ^j^

Shirl said...

doncha just love that cheeky burn thing? *smile*

We've traveled quite a road on this here internet, Susan, and this is a delightful addition to the journey!

Oh ... and congrats! Duke is a sixth seed!