Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What's That You're Wearing?

Robin left behind a lot of old colognes/perfumes. I walk by the perfume tray and I choose something for a quick trip in the way-back machine.

I bought more cologne in the 80s than in any other decade. Remember how decadent it was then? Or was that just me? Some of the most popular ones were Giorgio (I just spritzed some on that Robin had) and Gloria Vanderbilt and Halston. What else? Oh, Opium and Poison were big, too. But oh so heavy.

I like aromatic scents and oils, but j'adore cologne and bath powder and stuff, too. (I'm feeling frenchy since I spritzed on the Giorgio.)

In the early 90s Robin discovered Karl Lagerfeld's Sun Moon & Stars and I still wear the cologne and body lotion sometimes. We both liked it and I think of her when I wear it. I really love how a scent can take you back to an earlier memory. Do you think of anything when you small baby powder? Oranges? Fresh-cut grass?

The older I get the more I feel like the answer to the universe is found in our mind with sights, scents, memories, feelings etc. Certainly not in our skin suit. Did anyone see that Robin Williams movie, What Dreams May Come? I think that's what they were trying to say, or at least that's what I got from it. I haven't put it all together yet, but I think I'm on the right path. xoxo



Julie said...

I still wear Opium. It's the only perfume I can wear without having a coughing/sneezing fit.

Susan said...

It's still wildly popular, isn't it? Many of those scents from the 80s are still around and going strong! I just put on some Sun Moon & Stars when I got out of the shower. Ahhhh!

Shirl said...

Scents are such memory triggers. This old farmhouse has a lot of them. My three brothers have all commented, independently, how it "smells like it's supposed to" here. Old farmhouse smell: dirt, old wood, and something intangible.

Great post, Susan!