Monday, February 12, 2007


I have some of the best news of all time. I want to share this with you guys here at Susan*Jayne.

I'm going to be a first time grandmother! My sweet daughter, Skyler, is having a baby and we couldn't be more thrilled. (She is almost past the first trimester.)

When I first heard about it I'm sure I looked like someone had asked me the square root of 847. My brain circuits were smoking and gears were churning. Soon I'd have frown lines on top of my frown lines. But I certainly wasn't frowning. More like contemplating. So I have contemplation lines.

I've had time to think more about it and ideally, I wish she would have waited a little while, but I am so happy to welcome a new life into this family. Sometimes in life it seems like there are too many endings and not enough beginnings.

I'll be your Star-- you'll be my "Sky". Here's to a beautiful beginning.


Shirl said...

what absolutely fantastic news, Susan! Babies are awesome!

Julie said...


Susan said...

Thank you, Shirl! We are all so thrilled. (After the initial shock wore off, that is.)

Thank you, Julie! I'm honored to share the news with you all. You will all have to help me grow.

I've waited so long to be a grandmother and expand our family. I can hardly be upset that she is young and didn't protect herself from pregnancy. But it's happening and she needs me and I'm happy to be nothing but supportive.

I'm also happy that she has always told me and hubby what's going on in her life. She confided in us right after the pregnancy test. That same day. She's only 10 weeks along, so I'm praying that all goes well with her and her baby.

Anathea said...

Oh Susan! as I am sure you know, there's nothing easy about having babies, but there is truly nothing more amazing! I am very happy for you & Skye! Congratulations and love!

Karen said...

This is so wonderful! Congratulations :-D *HUUUUGS* Life is precious and full of the best surprises. I'm happy for you all.

Jeanne said...

Much love

Susan said...

Your comforting words mean a great deal, Anathea.

And Karen, you said it-- one of life's surprises!

Thank you, Jeanne.

Many Blessings to All! xoxo