Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Inventory

Hello sweetpeas! Hope you are enjoying your Friday! I just got home from grocery shopping, etc. I picked up some lunch and am munching on it now. It's a nice afternoon here in East Tennessee. It's 45ยบ, clear skies and windy.

Mother hasn't felt very well this week. So I made an appt for her and the quickest I could get is for next Tuesday, Feb 27.

It's just us girls here, isn't it? Okay. Apparently, when you get older, your female parts drop from gravity, causing incontinence and pain. The incontinence has been ongoing; the pain is new. She asked me this week to take over paying the household bills and I kept her checkbook balanced. I thought she had been doing fine with it. Giving up your independence is hard for the elderly. It's hard for anyone. She never will tell you when she doesn't feel well. You have to guess and figure it out. She's never been a complainer at all But when I saw her in the middle of the night sitting on the couch holding her belly and crying I knew we had to get her checked asap. I hope she can hang until Tuesday. I'll be surprised if she does and may end up taking her to the ER if she keeps hurting this weekend.

So that's my update. Time to walk the dogs.

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Shirl said...

oh Susan. An ER run may be necessary. Sending prayers for you and your mom!