Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Southern Charm

Somes thing that are "southern" I'm all for and embrace with every fiber of my being. Other things considered "southern" just downright make me shudder.

Have you ever heard that old chestnut, "The fault you find in others are the faults you also have." Or something like that. I actually first heard this from my Mother-In-Law, the patron saint of southern charm.

This maxim is never more accurate than when I hear someone stretch out a one syllable word to two syllables, or a two syllable word to three.
Example: This girl comes onto the tv screen and exclaims about her diet success,

"Look at me! I'm in a size 2!" But the number 2 comes out like "tuh-eww-uh".

She may as well be running her fingernails down a black board!
The other day I asked my dog if he wanted a "cookie". But it came out "cuh-ooo-kie". Oh, no! A stretched-out word is an automatic IQ reducer and all season pass to the Jerry Springer Show.

I stopped cold in my tracks and kept repeating "cookie" over and over until I was sure I'd reduced it down to the normal two syllables. It was a cringe-worthy event I hope I never to repeat!

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