Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Decorating For Autumn

My dogs look very October-ish wearing their autumn kerchiefs. The black cocker spaniel has one on that has cartoony pics of witches and jack-o-lanterns and the caramel colored retriever/chow's kerchief has leaves and pumpkins on it. Someone gave us a ton of kerchiefs after their dog passed on, so we're ready for all occasions here.

I have a big ceramic jack-o-lantern with a light inside sitting among the plants, pointing towards the road. I placed a large autumn wreath that Robin made on the front door and a scarecrow on the porch. I brought the ferns inside the other day but quickly saw 2 bugs so I snatched them up and promptly took them back outside. What to do... hmmm. And there's a wooden plaque of Robin's that says, "The witch is in and she's casting spells". =)

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