Monday, September 18, 2006

If I had a dollar for every time I saw some nice and well-intentioned guy in the supermarket phoning home for some advice, I'd be one rich mamma.

You can sometimes spot him standing in front of the deli counter with a puzzled look on his face, cell phone glued to his ear, and animatedly explaining how he's lost his grocery list. Again. Or he could be by the canned goods calling home to tell someone, "No, I don't think they carry donuts, dear."

If you come upon this lost creature in the store, you could offer some advise AFTER he's off the phone. But if you see him with a quizzical look at the feminine hygiene products, flip that grocery cart around and slowly back away.


Shirl said...

what a great slice-of-life, Susan! You've caught the guys well!

Karen said...

I think I need to move there... not many men like that around here... LOL Or send them my way, would you??