Friday, September 8, 2006

I saw this print on AOL's homepage this morning. It reminds me of a dress I once made. Or, tried to make.

My grandmother made her living sewing and my Mother could whip up anything on the sewing machine. Surely, I could put together a little ol' dress.

It was the summer between high school and college; my first attempt at sewing. I bought some black and white graphic print fabric like this and a nice dress pattern. The fabric was very slinky and kept sliding off the machine when trying to sew. I was having a hard time with the pattern, trying to figure out what went where. I gave it my best and I tried on the dress but I couldn't get the dress over my head. I'd sewn a sleeve onto the neck!

I didn't try to sew again for probably twenty more years. Each time I see a bold black and white print I still cringe.

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