Thursday, August 3, 2006

Oh, man. What a dream I had last night; actually early this morning. I dreamed I went back home to see my husband and daughter after staying with my Mother and my husband had on all these new clothes. He tried to brush it off, but something felt suspicious about it, because he doesn't care one bit about clothes and he was also acting a little odd. I left and came back later to catch him off guard and that's when I found my husband in bed with another woman. His ex-wife.

And his ex-wife just happened to be the bleached blonde actress Loni Anderson. (Of course I'm dreaming now, right?) So I jumped right on top of her, straddling her and began wailing away. I started yelling at him that I was trying to be so cool-- treating his ex-wife so kind and now he does this to me. I then grabbed a radio and smashed it over her head, but it really didn't phase her.

Somehow I left the room and came back and she was still in bed with him, but now he had his arm around her comforting her.

Grrrr. I was REALLY mad. I looked around, saw a can of gasoline and began pouring it on her. He took the gas can from me and began pouring it all over the floor... and then...

...and then my dog, Buddy, woke me up to go outside. I let him out and started the coffeemaker, staring out the window wondering what it all meant.

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