Saturday, July 8, 2006

Everybody Needs Somebody

It's good when you have pets that you have more than one. Then they have a playmate and aren't so lonely. Two cats like Shirl has is a good way to go. And now I have two dogs. Mine and Robin's. Robin's dog, Sugar is so smart. My dog, Buddy, well.. "bless his heart" as they say here in the south; the phrase that's usually followed by someone's shortcomings.

When I ask Buddy, a male chow/retriever mix, if he wants to go outside or if he wants to eat I get the same response. So I open the door for him and open a can of dog food and see which one he responds to. But I adore him.

Robin's female black cocker spaniel, Sugar, is as bright as can be. Sometimes when she gets excited she turns around in a circle. I looked at her earlier and made a circle motion with my finger & hand, asked her to turn around and she did so promptly. You show her something once and she totally gets it. She seems to understand exactly what you say to her.

They have fun playing together, fighting over toys and chasing each other. Everybody needs somebody. This goes for pets, too.

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Shirl said...

I'm now a confirmed believer in the two pets thingee. My old black cat, ziggy, would get SO bored with just me to entertain him.

Sounds like you have great dogs, miz Susan!

Love love!