Saturday, June 3, 2006

While looking through a jewelry drawer of my Mother's old jewelry I came across a box that contained her 3 charm bracelets she thought were lost long ago. When I opened that box and recognized what it was I ran to show her and I actually had chill bumps all over me. It's as though I'd found the holy grail.

She hadn't seen them in years. Of all the jewelry she has collected over the years, we always wanted to play with those particular bracelets when we were young and begged to wear them when we got older. She said we would some day.

They're just your basic sterling silver bracelets with charms documenting phases of her life and also one the bracelets is my grandmother's.

Mother was an RN so on the one I've been wearing is a bedpan! and a ballet slipper, a class ring, a diploma, an ace of spades, a pair of scissors, a thimble, two heads with our birthdates, a cocker spaniel, a 4-leaf clover/Ireland charm, Tennessee charm, Nassau charm, Rio charm.

I'm so glad to have found those bracelets. Being able to hand things down from generation to generation has always been so important to me, and I'm sure everyone feels this way, too. I can't wait to add more charms.

Do you have a "something handed down to you" story? I'd love to hear all about it.


Shirl said...

What a find, Susan! I am so glad you found that treasure. "Handed-downs" are the best gifts, I think.

Karen said...

That is incredible! Treasures are the best to find because they bring memories back and carry the love. :-)