Monday, June 19, 2006

A Day In The Life Of A Daughter/Caregiver

Wow, kinda weird to see my Mother take my advice about something. So many baby boomer kids have seen this same role reversal with their aging parents. If they're lucky enough to still have them around.

She got a prescription filled the other day for 30 pills and it costs $100.92. Where I sit, that's a lot of scratch to put out for medicine. And that's out-of-pocket money. She doesn't have Medicaid or anything that pays it for her. She's living on a fixed income

That's not the bad part. The bad part is the medicine makes her sick and she can't take it. It's a capsule so she can't try to take half of it either and can't get past spending so much money on something she can't use. So she's done nothing about it and this is where I come in.

"What advice would you give to me, Mother? You'd tell me to call my doctor back and tell him I couldn't take this medicine and to try something else. Right? We'll have to cut our losses and try something else. You know my philosophy about being good to your self, right? So, do you want me to call Dr Fenner?"

"No, I'll call him."


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Shirl said...

aww, Susan. Good job. I love your "mom and me" stories.