Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm extra careful about harming innocent creatures. When digging in the garden, I dig around the earthworms. I caught a fly in the house last night and set it free outdoors. I brake for squirrels and crows who are nibbling on roadside pizza. So I'd say I love all of the creatures in the world.

Except for that one damn cat. This particular neighbor's cat is determined to rob the Robin's nest I have in a bush at home. This one 7 foot tall shrubbery monstrosity is home to Robin birds each year and they successfully lay their eggs and introduce their young to fly from this very bush. Today I will call Mrs S and ask her nicely if she would consider putting a collar with a bell on it to warn the birds when it's approaching. That's about the only thing I know of to help in this situation. Honestly I adore cats, too, so I wouldn't dare hurt this one.

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